We are a fresh fruits agro-export company with a worldwide presence that for since 2010 we are supplying the international market with quality, flavor and consistency fruits; with the requirements demanded by our clients for their satisfaction.


Our trajectory, as farmers, has gone through 4 generations. For many years, we have dedicated ourselves to continue with the work undertaken by our agricultural family, which has always given us their support, as well as with the collaboration of other farmers in the producing areas of the country, to offer high quality fresh fruits to the world.

SIEMBRA ALTA was founded in 2010, and thanks to the association between Mr. Antonio Falcone and Mr. Paul Bottger, partners of the company, began to have an exponential growth expanding our market share.

Our presence in the different international markets such as the United States, Canada, Holland, United Kingdom, Spain, Arabia, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Panama and among others, has made SIEMBRA ALTA grow every year distinguishing itself by the quality of the service, and especially for the quality of their fruits.

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